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St Matthew’s Church


The preschool comes under the umbrella of St Matthew’s church PCC.

It was first established as a Mother and Toddler church group in the early 1970’s and since then has developed from a Parent group into a Playschool and finally into a Preschool affiliated to the Preschool Learning Alliance (PLA).

Our ethos is based upon Christian values of loving kindness, patience, tolerance and acceptance of all families no matter what their background or circumstances.

Christmas is celebrated with a Nativity in the church with the older children taking part with family and friends invited to attend this wonderful start to the Christmas season.

We support a charity each year through children being sponsored by family or friends in age appropriate challenges.

We are run by a Committee with members made up of St Matthew’s Church members, the preschool leader and a preschool parent.

We encourage people of all faiths and no faith to attended the preschool or be on the committee.

Preschool staff are in sympathy with the Christian ethos of the preschool.