Preschool Newsletter Spring 2019



We hope you all enjoyed the half term break!

Hopefully the sunny weather will continue so that the grassed area will dry out quickly.

  • This half term we are continuing with ‘Occupations’ as our theme; the first 2 weeks we will focus on Road Safety using trikes and cars in the big hall, Zebra crossings and Road Signs plus Police & Lollipop crossing people etc. – then 2 weeks of ‘Working in shops’ with the Role Play area set up as a Shop/Supermarket followed by Easter activities for the final 2 weeks. It would be wonderful if you could save items for our Role Play Shop – clean boxes and drink containers please!

  • A reminder that Age Restrictions on Computer games and TV programmes are there to protect your children from inappropriate material. Young children find it difficult to separate fact from fiction and can find some scenes very frightening/troubling and can impact on their play. Please follow the guidelines on age put there to protect your child.

  • The Great Easter Adventure: a Free community event for all ages in St Matthew's church on Saturday 13th April. More details later!

  • Remember that Preschool closes on Friday 5th April at 12pm (noon) for the Spring/Easter Holiday for staff meetings.

  • Preschool reopens on TUESDAY 23rd April (Monday 22nd is a Bank Holiday).






St Matthew’s Preschool Newsletter January 2019


Welcome Back! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!

  • Some of you may have been fortunate enough to have received new mobile phones at Christmas! Please can you make sure any new mobile numbers are given to Liz or Sandra so we can up-date your records, we need to be able to contact you in an emergency.

  • IMPORTANT: West Sussex has highlighted the fact that 3,000 children have not yet registered for their School Place in September 2019. If your child is going to School in September you have until January 14th to register them – children aged 4 years old by August 31st 2019. If you are unsure speak to Liz, Sandra or Nicola for help!

  • A reminder: please name lunch boxes and flasks! For a healthy lunch we suggest a small sandwich/sausage roll/savoury item, a piece of fruit and small yoghurt. Please don’t put too much in their lunches as they struggle to eat it all! PLEASE Do not put sweets or chocolate in their lunch boxes.

  • Term dates – Spring Term:

    Mon 7th January to Fri 15th February (6 weeks)

    Half term holiday 18th - 22nd February

    Mon 25th February to Fri 5th April – closing at 12pm (6 weeks)





Newsletter December 2018



A huge Thank you for all your support during this year.


  • The Preschool Christmas Nativity is on Monday 10th December at 11am in the church. Children going to big school in September 2019 will take part. Children who are taking part who do not normally attend on a Monday morning can join us in preschool from 10.30am to be fitted into their costumes; younger children can go straight to the church - the Tarring Road door will be open for access for pushchairs which can be left at the back of the church – please do not obstruct the aisles as they are emergency exits! Younger children can join us at the end of the Nativity to sing at the front if they wish.

All costumes are provided by the preschool.

All family members are welcome to join us at this special event!


  • Preschool Christmas party – Friday 14th December 9.30 until 11.30.


    and we are CLOSED for the rest of the day!


    Parents and younger siblings are welcome to attend the party.


  • Now that we offer an 8am opening time preschool practitioners can no longer have staff meetings in the mornings before 9am, therefore we have decided to have 3 meetings a year at the end of each term at 12 noon. The only difference it will make to families is at the end of the Spring term when we will close on the last day at 12 o’clock. Friday 5th April 2019 we will close at noon for the Easter/Spring holiday for staff meetings/training. Please be aware that Early Years settings are allowed 5 Inset days per school year but instead we complete our training at weekends or on-line so that we can stay open for families.

  • Children going to school in September 2019 should be encouraged to put on their own coats to go outside and to put on their shoes.

  • Christmas Holiday we are closed:

    Monday 17th December to Friday 4th January


Have a wonderful and safe Christmas Holiday. 

Happy Christmas from us all!






Preschool Newsletter September 2018


Welcome back!

We hope you have all had a happy and safe holiday.


Donna has decided to leave the preschool after working here for 7 years for employment closer to home and we wish her lots of happiness and love. We have decided not to employ a new practitioner, our ratio of adult to child still remains better than the statutory requirement.


Are all your contact details up-to-date? New mobile? Moved house? We need to know of any changes so we can contact you in the event of an emergency. See Sandra or Liz for changing details.


To keep all the children safe we ask for parents and carers not to use their mobile phones on the premises.

If your child needs a comforter/toy to help them settle at preschool tell the practitioners when you bring your child in; we have a ‘Going home’ box on the registration table for these items to be stored in once no longer needed.


Practitioners are always happy to talk about your child's day and activities they have been engaged in. If you wish to have a more formal meeting please arrange a time and day with them. There will be appointments later on this term when you can view their Learning Journal and talk to their Key Person – details later.


A reminder that our opening hours are extended – we open at 8am and close at 4pm for those needing an earlier start or later finish – you must speak to Liz or Sandra if you wish to leave your child during these hours. Our normal opening times remain the same (9am – 3pm) for the Free Entitlement.


Please name lunch boxes and flasks if your child stay for lunch, many designs are similar and children often do not remember which one is theirs. Please clearly name your child's coat/jacket etc.


The photographer will be coming to the Preschool in October to take individual pictures. Older and younger siblings can also be included in the photo. These make lovely presents! More details later.


Term dates are available for the whole year if you do not already have these ask Liz or Sandra for a copy.


Important dates to remember:

Half Term closing Monday 22nd Oct to Friday 26th October

Christmas Nativity Monday 10th December at 11am in the church

Christmas Party Friday 14th December 9.30 – 11.30 (Preschool will close at 11.30 am)

Christmas Holiday Monday 17th December to Friday 4th January









June 2018

We hope you all had a wonderful Half Term break!

It has now come to the time of year when we start to say Goodbye to those going to big school – we wish you all a happy and exciting time.


  1. There are appointment lists ready for you to sign up to see your child's key person – this is most important for parents of children going to school in September as there are 'Moving on' forms for you to sign. Appointments are for a maximum of 20 minutes – if you need longer to view the Learning Journal or to speak to the key person please arrange another time.

  2. All children going to big school in September are invited to a 'Leaver's Party' on Friday 20th July at 9.30 am – we will finish at 11.30 am. This will include a visit from 'Rep Tilers', outside play and party food. Sorry this is only for the Leavers and no other child or sibling is allowed but parents are welcome to stay.

  3. Zoe Spicer – Megan's mum – has been our preschool parent governor on the committee for the last couple of years. As Megan will be leaving for school we must also say Goodbye and huge thank you's to Zoe who has done a fantastic job. We welcome Jack's mum – Dominika - onto the committee as your new representative! Please speak to her if you have any questions about the role.

  4. We can confirm our opening hours are now extended by an hour at the beginning and end of the day (8am start/4pm end). These are not covered by the Free Entitlement which remain the same (9am to 3pm) but must be paid for separately. Please ask Sandra or Liz for details if you are interested.

  5. Please do not send your child to preschool in open toed sandals – our bikes/ride-ons etc. may cause hurt toes!

  6. Please name – clearly - coats/cardigans etc. which are left on the pegs in the lobby as children get confused over which ones are theirs – if someone other than yourself is collecting they may not know either! At times the wrong ones are taken leaving a child without a coat or cardigan to go home in.

  7. The last day of the summer term is THURSDAY 19th July – normal opening times.

    Preschool restarts on TUESDAY 4th September. Attached is a Term Dates sheet for families who will be returning in September 2018.







Newsletter April 2018


Welcome back! We hope you all had a wonderful Easter break.


  • Attached is a Questionnaire concerning our opening times – would extending our hours help working families? Would the proposed prices be reasonable? Please return the completed questionnaire ASAP.

    If there is a need to open earlier/close later we would be required to contact Ofsted to change our times before going ahead.


  • School Leavers – please tell Sandra or Liz the allocated primary school for your child for next September. We have to know this to complete Transition forms.

    Schools expect the children to be able to cope independently in the toilet and put on their own clothes, shoes and coats.


  • Group photo: on Friday 18th May the School photographer will be coming to preschool to take a group photo. The photographer should be ready to take the picture between 9.15 and 9.30 at the latest! You MUST NOT share this photo on social networking sites to keep the children protected. These photos make lovely mementos especially for children moving on to Primary/Infant School.

    If you do not want your child to be included in the photo and they attend on a Friday morning please tell Liz or Sandra. Children who do not attend on Fridays can come for the photo but cannot stay for the session – arrive by 9.10 am at the latest to ensure your child will be included.


  • With the approaching summer weather (!) please put sun cream on your child before coming into preschool and we will reapply cream during the day.

    Please DO NOT send your child to school in open toed footwear.

    Preschool provides sun hats for all the children to prevent loss and argument.

    Drinking water is provided outside in hot weather.


  • The snack menu has been withdrawn due to the escalating cost of certain fruits, we will still provide a healthy snack each morning but choosing foods that are on special offer/lower cost. Remember not to use nuts/peanut butter/Nutella in lunch boxes due to the air-bourne allergies of some children.


  • The week beginning Monday 11th June will be an opportunity to view Learning Journals and complete Transition forms for school leavers. We have decided to have appointment times throughout the week instead of an Open Morning on a Wednesday to allow more time to see parents and cause less disruption to the children. More details nearer the time.


  • Dates for your diary -

    Monday 7th May closed for the Bank Holiday

    Friday 18th May School Group Photo 9.15ish

    Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June closed for half term

    Monday 11th – Friday 15th June – opportunity to view Learning Journals.

    Thursday 19th July last day of term.


    Friday 20th July is our School Leavers Party 9.30 – 11.30 – this is ONLY for those children going to school in September and no other children or siblings are allowed – parents/carers may stay. More details nearer the time.


    We reopen on TUESDAY 4th September

    (Monday 3rd is an Inset day across West Sussex)











January 18 Newsletter.

Welcome Back!



We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year holiday.

  • Some of you probably received new mobile phones at Christmas! In the event of an emergency we will need to contact you immediately so please inform Liz or Sandra if any of your contact details have changed.

  • Please be aware that children are required by law to have appropriate restraints when you are driving. Operation Crackdown is a way of tackling anti-social driving and includes issues such as children not wearing a seatbelt and drivers using mobiles phones at the wheel. The Hotline number is 01243 642 222 and it will make it easier for the operator to know the vehicle make, model and number plate to help with enquiries into any issues you may have witnessed. We have some leaflets about Operation Crackdown if you would like one.

  • Over the holiday there were several articles on the TV about healthy snacks for children – children should not have more than 2 snacks a day and these should not be more than 100 calories each. A typical packet of crisps contains 200 calories and 15 chocolate buttons are 130 calories yet a banana is 90 calories, a sugar free jelly around 40 calories and 100grms of carrot only 40 calories – please try and provide healthy snacks for your child. Please name lunch boxes!

  • If anyone has some boys trousers that they can donate to our spare clothes store we would be very grateful.

  • Next Parent's Day when you can come in and chat to your child's key person and view their Learning Journal will be on Wednesday 21st March. You can also ask to see the Journal at any time and chat to any practitioner about concerns or suggestions.

  • Half Term: we will be closed on Monday 12th February and reopen on Monday 19th February.

    The Spring /Easter holiday: we are closed on Friday 30th March (Good Friday) and reopen Monday 16th April.




Please join us for our Nativity.


Monday 11th December at 11am in St Matthew’s Church.


Only those children going to school in September 2018 will be taking part.

Children who do not normally attend on a Monday are asked to arrive at the preschool at 10.30am to change into their costumes which are supplied by us.




Preschool will be open in the afternoon for a normal Monday session.



Christmas party.


This year’s Christmas party will be on Friday 15th December.

All children are asked to arrive at 9.30am for the 'RobbieThe Magician' show.

There will be party food afterwards and a Very Special Visitor.

Please collect your child between 11.15/


Parents and younger siblings are welcome to stay.







We close for the Christmas holidays on

Friday 15th December at 11.30 am and reopen on Monday 8th January 2018.



We wish you all a very Happy Christmas!








November 2017 Newsletter

Welcome back!

We hope you all had a lovely half term break.


  • Thank you to everyone who donated food, toiletries and cleaning materials to the Harvest event. All these items make a real difference to people without homes and to those supporting them.

  • Winter Weather Clothes Advice: it is important in the colder months for young children to wear layers of clothing – a vest/t-shirt underneath at least one other top will trap heat close to their bodies. Even if you bring your child to preschool in a car they will be going outside to play at preschool and will need to keep warm. We provide winter coats and mittens for all the children in their outside play. If you need advice please ask!

  • Lunch boxes: please do not bring large lunch boxes/bags in to preschool! We have a big catering fridge but the space cannot accommodate 20+ large items. Please make sure they are named clearly.

  • Sleep Advice for parents of under 5's:

    2, 3 & 4 year olds should generally sleep for between 11 to 12 hours a night.

    Too little sleep can affect the whole family and a child who doesn't sleep is more likely to have behavioural problems.

    Think about your child's day – are they getting enough fresh air and exercise?

    Put a routine in place such as bath and a quiet activity (story/jigsaw/colouring) then bed. Avoid TV, iPads, tablets etc. for at least an hour before bedtime. Try to wake your child at the same time each day to help set their body clock.

    If your child has problems sleeping speak to Nicola for advice.

  • Important Dates for your diary!

    Wednesday 15th November we will be open from 8am for parents to look at Learning Journals and talk to their child's key person. Breakfast of cereals or croissants will be on offer from 8am until 9am so you can pop in on the way to work or school. Learning Journals will be available from 8am until 2pm. Donna will make separate arrangements to speak to parents as she does not work on a Wednesday.

    Preschool Nativity: Monday 11th December at 11am in the church. Children going to big school in September 2018 will all take part and costumes will be provided by the preschool. More details later.


    Friday 15th December – Preschool Christmas party 9.30 until 11.30, there will be no afternoon session – this is also the last day of term! Parents and younger siblings are welcome to stay!

    More details later.

  • Preschool restarts on Monday 8th January 2018












July Newsletter St Matthew's Preschool



It has come to that time of year when we start saying Farewell and Good Luck

to our school leavers – 40 children are off to 10 primary/infant schools. We wish you all an exciting and happy time at your new schools.

  • All our school leavers are invited to a party on FRIDAY 21st July at the preschool – 9.30 until 11.30 - with party food, outside fun and a visit by Animal Magic.

    Please tell Liz or Sandra if your child has a fur or feather allergy or fear of a particular animal so we can make their time as happy as possible. Parents are welcome to stay.


    We are sorry but this day is for leavers only and no younger siblings or other preschool children will be allowed.


  • A big Thank You to everyone who donated Sainsbury’s vouchers – we raised just over 3000 vouchers and have sent for a variety of role play food – a mix of wooden and plastic items.

  • Do not let your child play with batteries – if swallowed they can kill.

  • Please return all book packs before the end of term! If you have any ideas for books, crafts, pictures etc for the packs speak to Martina.

  • Preschool restarts on Monday 4th September – those families returning to us should have a list of term dates attached to this newsletter to help you plan next year's holidays etc. Ask if you do not have one!

  • Please, please, please name lunch boxes on the outside clearly to make it easier for practitioners when it is lunch time; we have marker pens for you to use if you do not have any at home.

  • Last day of term is THURSDAY 20th July – we close at 3pm as usual.


Happy holidays!






April 2017 Newsletter



    Welcome back – we hope you all had a happy Easter break.

  • Group photo: on Friday 19th May the School photographer will be coming to preschool to take a group photo.The photographer should be ready to take the picture at 9.30 at the latest! We polite request you DO NOT share this photo on social networking sites to protect the children. These photos make lovely mementos especially for children moving on to Primary/Infant School.

    If you do not want your child to be included in the photo and they attend on a Friday morning please tell Liz or Sandra. Children who do not attend on Fridays can come for the photo but cannot stay for the session – arrive by 9.15 am to ensure your child will be included.

  • We are sorry but due to escalating costs we will be increasing the fees to £4.50 per hour (£13.50 per session) from September 2017 for those who do not receive funding.

  • The 30 Hours Free Entitlement begins in September 2017 for 3 & 4 year olds. Go to to see the options available. If you are working and earn the equivalent of 16 hours a week at the National minimum wage you may qualify. The preschool cannot apply for you – it is similar to the funding for Two Year olds and must be completed online. If you qualify you will be given a unique code which you bring to the preschool. We have decided to limit the number of places for the 30 hours to around 15/20 families for the first year and will evaluate how this affects our finances and spaces for the future. Places will be allocated according to how long your child (or previous children) have been on our register and overall number of children in our care. Please be patient with us during this time of transition. Speak to Liz for more details.

  • Reminder – On sunny days children use our sunhats at preschool to avoid arguments and loss. We provide sun cream to 'top up' the children during the session and provide shade with the covered play area and - in very hot and sunny weather - we use a gazebo too. Be reassured that we only use sunscreens with a spf (sun protection factor) of 50 which protect against UVB rays and 5 stars for the protection against UVA rays (UVB rays cause sun burn and UVA rays cause skin aging). Please apply sunscreen to your child before they come into preschool and we will reapply during the session. Drinking Water is provided outside as well as inside during the summer months. Please DO NOT send your child to preschool in open-toed footwear as little feet can be hurt on bikes, scooters etc.

  • Term dates – Summer Term

    Monday 24th April to Friday 26th May (5 Weeks)

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