Helping your child to settle.


For some parents the 'big' day is marred as their child seems to be the only one screaming and crying as the others run in happily. It is important to remember that children will vary in their emotional reaction to this big change in their lives and in the length of time it takes them to settle into the preschool routine.


Some common reactions on starting at preschool are:

  • walking in without a backward glance and not even looking back.

  • Walking in fine for the first few weeks and then being upset.

  • Protesting loudly on separation but settling within a few minutes of parent leaving.

  • Crying before arriving at preschool and saying they don't want to go.

  • Unsettled on and off for first few weeks but gradually improving.

  • Remember every child is different!


All of these reactions can be difficult for a parent to deal with but it is important to remain calm and consistent. An anxious parent can lead to an anxious child.


We always recommend you and your child come for induction visits before starting for as often as necessary.


When you leave your child in our care - smile and reassure them you will be coming back later and then hand them over to a member of staff and walk away.

Encourage your child to walk in rather than be carried.

It is not a good idea to to leave without saying goodbye – “I'm going now but I'll be back soon” may cause upset at the time but is much shorter lived than running off when they are not looking.


We will phone you to let you know how they are doing and if necessary recommend you collect them earlier before the end of the session: this avoids them worrying about where you are when they see other parents arriving to collect their children.


It is quite common for a child to cry when a parent reappears at the end of the day! It is a natural reaction.


Allow plenty of time and form a routine: it may mean getting up a little earlier but a child who has rushed out of bed and grabbed a quick breakfast and a cross, anxious parent does not make for a smooth handover. It is a good idea to form a routine at this age ready for when they go on to Primary school – a regular sleep pattern (not going to bed too late!) and healthy food will help them grow and learn.


Most importantly - Be Patient! Your child will settle and make friends.